What is Coaching?
Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that professionals can use to be successful in their lives, business and relationships.  Be sure to work with a PCC, credentialed and certified coach like Tina who has expert training and experience and follows the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation.
What’s the Objective of Coaching?
Many people talk about what they want and never take the steps needed to get there. Coaches are uniquely trained to listen deeply, guide you through roadblocks, and empower you to make the changes you want in your career and life.  Coaching provides you with an extra resource, tools, support, and structure to accomplish more than you may have on your own.
What about Confidentiality?
Coaching provides a safe, confidential environment for you to discuss your current issues, passions, struggles and opportunities.  We follow the International Coaching Federation code of ethics that governs every client-coach relationship we enter.
What Can Coaching Help Me With?
  • Improve your Current Career or Find a New One
  • Define What You Really, Really, Want and Develop a Strategy to Get It
  • Build your Networking and Interviewing Skills
  • Leverage Your Strengths, Overcome Obstacles and Grow Your Confidence
  • Improve Communication and Leadership Skills
  • Navigate Organizational Politics
  • Reduce Stress and Improve Work-Life Balance
Does Coaching Work?
Independent studies on the effectiveness of executive coaching report a return on investment of 300%-600%.
How do I start?

It all begins with a conversation.  If you want to explore how coaching can support you and your goals schedule a consult Or Click here to see the most popular Career and Leadership packages.


What’s the process?

Once you sign up for a program we will schedule a special time slot for your sessions.  Most sessions take place over the Phone or Skype making it easy and convenient for busy people.  All sessions are kept strictly confidential.  Click here to see the most popular Career and Leadership packages.

What are the costs and how do I pay?

Most clients are comfortable submitting payment for services on line.  If you want to discuss alternate arrangements let me know. To view my Career and Leadership Coaching Packages, please click here.  If you don’t see a package that fits your needs, I would be happy to create something with you that will.

What are your qualifications?

Tina Wascovich is a PCC, Professional Certified Coach, by the International Coaching Federation, graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, IPEC, an accredited coaching school, and has studied many popular coaching methods. Tina’s coach training combined with twenty years in marketing consulting prepares her to help a wide array of clients.  She is trained to listen, to observe, and to customize her approach to an individual client needs. Learn More