Do you remember a time when you were 100% confident that if you tied that bath towel around your neck you could fly or perhaps your towel was an invisibility cloak?   Maybe you had the power to freeze people with just a stare or you were the strongest person in the world.

It’s not unusual as a child to identify with our favorite Super Hero, and as we know from the success of the Ironman Franchise, Spiderman, and the recent Birdman movie featuring Michael Keaton our fascination with superheroes continues well into adulthood.

My favorite power was to read people’s thoughts, and I still try to listen deeply so that I sometimes feel I can actually hear what people are thinking.

Take a Step Back into Your Childhood

Just for a moment I urge you to close your eyes, take a step back from the hustle of your day, and remember what it felt like to fly as a child, to be confident that you could do anything, and that life was magical.

Breathe that in, and for a moment, really embrace the belief that you have power and anything is possible, and see if it changes your day a little.

What Are Your Super Powers Today?

Please don’t bore me by saying that you have none. Everyone has some super powers. If your struggling to think of yours I encourage you to purchase Strengths Finders 2.0 pay the $15, get the code, and take the assessment. I am not getting a kick-back from Gallup Research or Tom Rath, I simply believe that once we identify and claim our strengths we can put them to work more often.

Super Powers Untapped

Since Gallup introduced this online assessment in 2001 millions of people around the world have rediscovered their top five strengths.

Gallup studies indicate that, “People who do have the opportunity to focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs and more than three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general.”

Claim your Power.

I believe that everyone has secret powers, and often we are responsible for hiding them ourselves, like Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, we may be afraid to fully show others all of who we are for fear of rejection or misinterpretation. Like Clark Kent we only allow ourselves to be 100% who we are in very safe situations or when a crisis occurs.

Put your Magic Cape On and Soar!

Rather than focus on your weaknesses or the annoying traits of those around you consider how your day will change if you invest energy in your strengths and the strengths of those around you.

  •  What could you accomplish if you were working within your strengths?
  • How can you reframe your weaknesses into strengths?
  • How can you start to see the best in others and look at them a little differently?

Just for today, have a little fun at work, or wherever you are, put your cape on and soar!

Go to Youtube and watch the Top Ten Superheroes of All Time

Tina is a marketing consultant and executive coach who is on a mission to help talented, passionate professionals (and corporations) tap into their brilliance and create meaningful plans to soar.